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If there's one thing I can't do in my knitting is count rows. Well, I can count, I just cannot keep track as I knit. I've tried everything, counters, clickers, adding at the beginning of the row, at the end, using a notepad and ticks, but I just lose track. I can never remember if I've counted a row or not. Most patterns I can either guess or easily keep track in the knitting.

But I have just met my nemesis. I have to add buttonholes every 14 rows in a seed stitch button band, which is conveniently located beside a lace panel. I am not optimistic at all, but I am glad there are only 6 repeats of this hell. I'm sure it won't be too obvious if each buttonhole is out by 2 or 4 rows *eyeroll*

And I just got caught up on my garment a week knitting. I'm already not hopeful about the timeline on this one.

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