neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

I'll craft 'til it kills me.

Clearly my crazy has just kicked in. I don't know who let it out of the box, and I am not amused.

I'm feeling good about the knitting, as I'm officially on track to be up a garment by next Tuesday. I just finished knitting the Peapod Jacket and am actually cussing my way through sewing in the ends of: it, the Baby Albert, the last pair of Sheepypants and the apricot coat (did I mention how much I hate seaming and sewing?) Anyways, I've decided to be up a garment by knitting up a soaker on Tuesday - I love projects that only take 3 hours.

So. I figure it's time to look into the diaper situation. I have many, many (I know I may look back on that statement in a couple of months and laugh) NB diapers. Some of them need new elastic. I have the elastic, I have a sewing machine. Still on the rails at this point. Simple little bit of sewing.

I also purchased some facecloth material and fleece for swaddling/burp cloths. And I have a (borrowed) serger. Sounds great, a fun little project. Here's where the crazy breaks out. I have some size 1 diapers, not a lot, and nothing fancy. And since I technically have a week 'off' (or can cheat with another 3 hour soaker or booties), I figure it's the perfect time to make some diapers. Do I need to do this? I'm sure there are perfectly good diapers already premade, waiting in a store right now. Or, even better, I could continue looking on freecycle and kijiji for used diapers at a fraction of the cost. Instead, I wandered around the web this aft looking at different patterns, dug into the stash to examine the construction and currently am thinking this is a good idea. And this could easily spiral out of control. By the end of it today I had several different sling patterns bookmarked as well as at least one diaper bag.

Do I need to do this? Can I not just stick to the knitting? Oh, and the scrapbooking that I want to get out the way (you know - things like my 11 year old wedding pictures)? And while we're at it, how about finishing clearing the craft stuff out of the room so we (aka hubby) can paint?

Sure that too - but sewing the diapers shouldn't be that much extra. *g*
Tags: knitting, sewing

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