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Latest jackets

Here are the two latest FOs. The first is the Baby Albert (as in Einstein) jacket by Sally Melville, from her book The Knit Stitch. I made it in Patons Classic Merino, colourway Blueberry. I really like this pattern because there are only two little seams at the end of it to sew up (along the shoulder) I'm still working on how to end up with less ends to sew in, I'm sure a couple of the places I picked up I could have carried the working wool:

The mess half folded

The bit that makes you feel like a genius

The finished jacket sans buttons, but I stil call it finished. I can't believe how crookedly the floor is wearing this, I swear the jacket is actually very symmetrical, I should pay more attention to how I throw things on the floor if I'm going to take pictures of them.

The second jacket is from the Peapod set, a free pattern on It originally called for Debbie Bliss Cotton, but I decided to use some super soft Luxury Collection Fine Merino Superwash DK instead:

Another jacket awaiting the perfect buttons. I'm thinking little daisies for this one, but who knows how it will end up.

The colour is totally whacky on this picture, the sweater is actually more green-yellow than green-blue, this is a little closer:

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