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Ultrasound update - 9/19/07 - 28w5d

I had a follow-up ultrasound (#5 or if you want to include transfer day #6!) yesterday to check on the little cyst/pocket that formed in the placenta. They basically wanted to make sure it was okay, check to see if it was growing and verify that it wasn't interfering with the baby or the cord. I also asked that tech if she could try to do a sex check again, as 90-95% isn't good enough for me.

Other than getting a pretty cute picture of her face (which looks like an inkblot test to anyone else) the visit wasn't very productive. I have a posterior placenta, and there is too much baby in the way to get a good look at it. I guess it is good that there was nothing obvious interfering with the baby or the cord, but no definite answers either. The baby's head is measuring at 30w2d. Apparently huge heads run in my family *g*. The body is about a week ahead, and the weight guestimate is over 1400g (over 3lbs)

The tech also wasn't able to do a sex check as the baby is currently in a frank breech position so she couldn't get under her butt with the US wand. Good news with that position is a reprieve from kicks to the cervix. I now know what that alien bit was that was touring across the top of belly yesterday - it was her head! She's still doing somersaults though, so who knows where she'll end up.

I go back to the doctor next Friday, that will be my last monthly appointment, then I'm supposed to start going bi-weekly.
Tags: pregnancy

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