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Today was a great day to Freecycle to cap off a freebie weekend

Although I didn't get everything accomplished that I wanted to today, I ended up having a great day. After lazing about for a bit this morning, I started perusing Freecycle, where I came upon an ad for an Eddie Bauer playpen. I replied immediately and the guy called me almost as soon as I pressed 'send' on the message. We picked it up right away and it is used, but in really good shape. I've checked for the model, but it doesn't appear to have any recalls. I'll Bissell it out soon and it should be good to go.

For free!
I would have unpacked it for the picture, but I figure you all know what they look like, and I'm fairly sure you need some sort of engineering degree to get them set up and torn down again.

Next I hauled out the borrowed serger and decided to try my hand at making some washcloths. That superfine terry material is a total PiTA to work with! Next time I'll make sure to get slightly wider fabric to compensate for the rolling when I'm trying to cut it. Hubby was a total sweetie and cut me an 8.5" square jig out of plexiglass to make the cutting that much easier - I'm sure I'll be using it again in the near future.

Next on the old to-do list, we headed out to look for a new toaster oven. Our previous one kicked the bucket yesterday in a blaze of electrical smoke and sparks, leaving me with warm bread rather than toast (maybe that's why I was grumpy all day). After much surfing, we came to the sad realization that Black and Decker no longer makes the model or any similar to fit into our under counter hanger so decided to start fresh. We ended up with this:

Total overkill, it will (and did) cook a 12" pizza, but it we ended up getting $10 off for no particular reason that we could find, and then, since we bought it at Canadian Tire, I used the CTC money on my card and ended up paying $0 for it!

Finally, as soon as we arrived home I hopped back on Freecycle and found an ad for 5 sets of baby sewing patterns. First to commit to pickup got them, and guess who ol'speedy was?

So, here are the initial 5 patterns that I asked for:

And here is all the material she decided to throw in while waiting for me to arrive:
Fleece, polarfleece, light cotton, yards and yards of fabric!

Back to the serger, I currently only have purple thread, but had a blast. I used some of the fleece that I got from FC today to make a receiving blanket, and then ended up with 21.5 washcloths from the project I started earlier in the day. Most of the cloths have square corners, as I clearly have to work on my rounded corners, but all and all not bad for my first time with the serger (if I do say so myself *g*):

Keeping with the free theme, on Friday I had a visit from my friend Deb and her darling new daughter Vanessa. Not only did I get to meet the new baby, but Deb came bearing gifts of many maternity clothes, from her, my sister, and our friend Jenn. After all the sorting was done, I've now got an additional 17 tops and 7 pairs of pants to wear through the cooler months (and 2 bathing suits if I dare).

Later Friday evening one of the neighbours from down the street showed up at the door offering hosta cuttings. He's been collecting the plants for years and has to prune down his garden. We toured his garden and he added my name to any plants I was interested in. I think I ended up requesting cuttings from about 9 different varieties. We thought hubby was going to be busy digging them in for me this week, but Reg talked to hubby today and we are going to divide them up in the spring - which means I'll get to do the gardening. I cannot wait to play in the garden again!
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