neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Slippery slopes

Having the serger out yesterday reminded hubby that I am actually able to sew, and repair his clothes. I was quickly presented with a pair of ripped jeans from my little optimist. As well, there is a ripped hoodie of his lurking in the guilty part of my mind. AND I just realized that I will have to make curtains for the two front rooms and the kitchen.

Speaking of the kitchen, hubby is clearly clairvoyant. He realized yesterday that the much larger, counter-sitting toaster oven should really go where our microwave currently sits, and our 15-year old 1.5cu foot microwave should be replaced by a hood/microwave combo over the stove, which would mean redesigning the cabinets up there. Then the fridge, stove and *&^%* dishwasher would look totally out of place with the new microwave and toaster oven so should be replaced. But because the measurements wouldn't be quite the same, we would have to replace the cabinets and counters. In doing so, we really couldn't leave the 25+ year old lino on the floor now could we?

Sounds perfectly reasonable to me. I'll start sewing, you work on the kitchen *g*.
Tags: sewing

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