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This week I am reduced to simple garter stitch projects. I hit a wall last week, after knitting two hats:

These are testers from a new pattern created by a woman in my wool soakers group.

Another pair of Sheepy Pants, done in Galway Paint:

And a pair of soakers, done in Ella Rae. I was not happy with the colours of this yarn. On the ball it looked like it had red mixed throughout, but it turned out to just have one big swath of red in each ball:

Anyways, from completion until Tuesday of this week, I did not pick up the needles at all. The only crafting I did was a bit of scrapbooking (5 or 6 pages total), as I'd really like to take the 3 bins of stuff and get them into albums rather than storing them.

Then I realized I need to create something a bit more involved, more challenging, or bigger. At the same time, I remembered that I had some work that I am supposed to do for a friend, and seeing as the cooler weather is here, maybe she'd like to have it soon. It is all garter stitch, but with random colour changes. You basically knit 1-6 rows of a colour, then change to another of the 9 provided colours. It has been fun so far, and I'm trying not to obsess on how the colours look together, and if I've made the right choices. And, since it is all knitting, it is flying. So I have a big project, fairly easy knitting and a bit of thought with colour.

So that I don't feel completely guilty about non-baby knitting, I'm also working on some garter stitch squares in Mission Falls 1824 wool. I'm picturing 9 big blocks for a fairly decent-sized blanket, in some of the assorted colours I have, with alternating stitch directions. We'll see how it turns out.

I'm also waiting on some measurements from my sister, she saw some of the pants I was knitting and asked for some for L. As soon as I get the dimensions, I'll get zipping on them.

As for how I'm feeling, I've had a long bout of going back to my normal 5ish hours of sleep a night (supplemented with a nap or two in the day) but I'm back to sleepy Corey again. You know it's bad when I hit the hay before the end of the Sen's season opener. Not only did I not stay up to watch it last night, I didn't make it past the 2nd period. I was exhausted. I'm still not feeling that great today, but I think going to bed so early messed up my internal clock. I woke up about every two hours, but managed to get in a total of 9 hours. My back is bugging me a bit too, apparently I've slacked off the exercises a bit too much.

Also, it seems that the baby has turned which means I'm not feeling her as much, which is kinda freaking me out. I do still feel her, but I'm not getting alien baby lumps growing out of my ribcage anymore.
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