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Oct. 6th, 2007 @ 11:35 pm What?
My husband works in an elementary school. For the second time in two weeks they've had to go into lockdown due to bomb/gun threats at the high school next door.

I couldn't imagine being a 4 year old and being locked in a classroom, paper taped over the windows and no communication with the outside world or even the office. These little kids get spooked, herded in to classrooms and then they sit there terrified at every little noise. I also wonder what sort of training the teachers really get for dealing with these situations. When they started opening the classes again, one of the little kids ran out into the hall and hugged my husband telling him he was so glad that hubby was there. Poor little guy.

There really has to be a better way. The teachers should have some way of knowing and being able to communicate to the students that the person they hear walking in the halls is a police officer, checking all of the rooms and not a bad guy. Actually, what do they even tell the kids about the situation? Does a four year old need to know there might be a gunman in the school?

This last one was pretty big. Apparently there were 2 separate anonymous 911 calls made about gunmen on site. Not only did they shut down the 3 schools in the area, they also cordoned all the roads around the schools for blocks. It's pretty odd that of the 300 or so schools in the area, this one has had 2 lockdowns in two weeks for gun calls.
Who does she think she is?