neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

A tragedy of sorts

After years and year of faithful service our PVR decided to give up the ghost on Monday. We can still access the recordings on the drive, but it will no longer connect with the satellite. We brought the other receiver down from upstairs and it is working, so we know it isn't the dish or the cable, and Bell is being completely non-helpful. To me it seems to be either a firmware or smartcard issue, but their solution is to sell us a new $600 HD PVR. Now as tempting as that is, we're shopping around to other suppliers. The other thing I want to look into is MythTV. Friends of ours are running it and it looks pretty sweet. Question is now how much time do I have to be farting around with it, and do we want to be down a receiver.

I do know one thing, being PVRless sucks! You actually have to be around to watch shows, and when you're watching them you actually have to pay attention! There are no do-overs.
I don't know how long I can handle it!

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