neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Bah humbug.

At the start of this month I had the greatest intentions to lug the Halloween decorations out of storage. As of tonight, they are still safely tucked away and we are officially the party pooper house. Not only do we not have any decorations, I haven't gotten a pumpkin yet, and we have no candy! We have no graveyard adorning our front lawn, no blood dripping down our windows, heck we don't even have a scarecrow on the front step!

Now we've had no candy in the past, but it has usually meant that we already plowed through the first batch. But this year, no shopping done. Haven't even considered it.

The thought of having to lug my butt up and down the stairs all night to the front door doesn't seem that appealing either. I am seriously torn between hiding in the basement (esp. given that the PVR is dead!) and just leaving a bowl of candy on the step or actually trying to muster the spirit to grab some decorations and greet the kids.
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