neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Teenagers + cell phones = asshats

A while ago I mentioned that the school my husband works at, as well as several schools in the area were in lockdown due to gun threats - Things have pretty much spiraled out of control since then, with 33 or so additional lockdowns at various schools (many more at the highschool beside hubby's school) and 4 arrests so far. Last week there were two lockdowns at the same time both days, which meant that the jk-6s missed their afternoon recess. There was another lockdown today, while the kids were in the play yard.

For a while the police were pleading with the general public to report anything they knew to CrimeStoppers, but guess what? They were inundated with crank calls and since they don't subscribe to caller ID...they had to retract the statement and ask for no further info on the case.

Little brats.

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