neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

The one where I'm a complete ditz

Last Thursday I managed to score 16 or so vintage sewing patterns on Freecycle. Included in the bunch were 5 smocking and smocked dress patterns. Those I really, really wanted. There were some other patterns that were really interesting and some that I just wasn't interested in. At the same time, I was preparing a 'travelling box' of sewing supplies. I had taken what I wanted out of it, and added a bunch of sewing stuff to go to the new owner.

On Friday I met Adele (a fantastic lady) at Starbucks to give her the sewing box. We had a great conversation about fertility issues and birth plans and on and on for an hour or so. It was really great to have someone to talk to who completely understood where I was coming from. Anyways, on Saturday evening I went to show my mother the cute patterns I had received, and wouldn't you know, the only patterns I could find were the ones I didn't want. All of the smocking and child's clothing patterns went in the box, and I saved the ones I didn't want!

Luckily I have no shame, so I emailed Adele and asked her if, and only if, she didn't want the patterns if I could grab them back from her. Luckily, she wasn't planning on doing any smocking for a while, so it looks like I have another Starbucks date this week!
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