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I'm so spoiled...

No wait, I guess it's really the baby that is spoiled.

On Saturday, my sister (the lying conniving one), conspired with my SIL, friend Jenn and mother to throw me a surprise baby shower. They even got hubby in on it and it only concerns me slightly that he is able to lie to my face so well *g*.

I headed over Saturday afternoon for what I thought would be one of the last CM crops I would be having before the baby arrives and was instead greeted at her door by a mass of friends and family doing their best to scare this baby out of me. After finally recovering and greeting everyone, including a few surprise guests, I was plunked down in front of a *huge* pile of gifts and ordered to start opening. The one tactical mistake I made was that I asked my preggo friend Heho to assist me and record the gifts. But this meant that neither of us were able to reach around and grab the gifts. Much amusement was had at our expense.

I will note that part of my journey to the gift pile did involve a detour by the food table, where my sis and friends had knocked themselves out making pretty much all of my favorite munchies!

Did I mention it was a huge pile of gifts?

Oh - and those balloons and another bunch? Jenn had to pick up and bring to the house, in her CIVIC! Stella claims she didn't know the size of the balloons, but I think it's more likely that she figures because she drives a Subaru wagon, everyone has the same amount of room *g*.

After the party, Shea offered to drive the gifts over to our place, as my car was full of Creative Memories stock *g* When the items were unloaded from Shea's car, they basically filled the garage floor, and are now sitting in my dining room waiting for the room to be painted. *Now* I have the motivation I need to get the room completed! There are a few bits and bobs left to buy, like a light fixture for the room, curtains and a mattress, but for the most part we are pretty well set up! Hubby looked at me like I was completely mental when I suggested that we should go buy a coming home outfit for her. He has these silly ideas that she a) has enough clothes and b) won't remember what she wore home from the hospital.

One cool thing about hanging around and knowing so many crafty people is that we received many hand made items - a quilt from my MIL, two blankets from my cousin, a jacket, blanket, hat and booties from friends, and this:

Not only did my cousin knit this sweater, she also carded, spun and dyed the wool that she used and it came with a gorgeous handmade crochet and cotton sundress!

My sister also managed to find a perfect Christmas dress for her:

And she even got to use it as part of the decorations first!

The dogs are slightly freaked out by the amount of stuff that has been moving around lately, as well as all the toys we now have that make noise and blink lights at them. Speaking of which - I'm off to play *g*
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