neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

My cat is nuts

She is a source of amusement, even when she doesn't try. Here she is basking in the sun this afternoon. She is sleeping, dead to the world:

I know it looks like she's trying to clean some really hard to reach spot, but here's further proof:

Note the dent in the cushion. She may only weigh just over 5lbs, but she's there enough to gouge out her little spot.

She also managed to freak Dana out this afternoon, running around crying her fool head off. Siamese cats have an uncanny ability to sound just like a human baby (oh - did I ever mention Ceebee stands for ChatterBox?)

We may not see much of her for a while though, she hasn't moved off the register since the furnace kicked on *g*.
Tags: ceebee, pets
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