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Doctor stuff:
My strep B test came back negative, so I don't need to have any antibiotics during labour. My next appointment is Tuesday (once a week apparently means once during each week and 3 business days apart is okay *g*). I'm a slight bit puffy and my BP is elevated, so I'm glad we aren't going a full week. My Dr. doesn't do urine protein tests, but just monitors BP and size. And yes, I'm still measuring big. Oh and of course hubby made it to the appointment so the doctor was almost 1/2 hr late! She's only ever on time (or even early) when I go by myself.

Other stuff:
Hubby then went out to the boonies to pick me up some snow tires, I may have mentioned this already, but I discovered after yesterday's snowfall that my 'all season' tires apparently don't include winter as a season. After skidding through one red light (and I was doing 15 under the speed limit coming up to it) I cancelled my travels for Thursday afternoon. Now if I could only get a decent night's sleep!

Oh - and best of all, Stella's inlaws came in from Toronto and brought roti! Not any old roti, but Saag Paneer Roti from Ghandi! mmmm. If you're in Toronto and you like Indian you have to go. It's a small little hole in the wall, but it is so worth it. Stella also brought over some cute Sen's mitts, candy from my shower (ya thanks) and my mother's TENS machine.
Tags: pregnancy

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