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BRU rant

Babies R Us has to be the most backwards store I've been in in I don't know how long. I received several duplicate items at my shower and a couple of things I wanted to change the colour of. Hubby and I head in to BRU, he lines up and I head to the back to get the new coloured items. By the time I get back I can tell he is pissed.

Turns out the only two cashiers are working on returns at the moment, and they have left at least 10 paying customers with no way to pay. Hubby watched 2 people leave in disgust. I took over for him, and he left (so I thought). Next thing I know there is a manager at the cash asking what the customer who wanted to see her looked like. Of course they describe hubby to a tee. I groaned to myself and thought 'oh, what have you done now' but let her go find him without saying anything (coward I know). I didn't hear the discussion, but several minutes later another cash opened up.

I finally got to the cashier and explained what I was looking to do - return 3 things (with gift receipts) outright, exchange 1 thing for a different colour (had gift receipt from original) and return 2 things with no gift receipt. Well, after explaining that 3 times, she determined that the exchange couldn't be done, I'd have to return for credit then line up to buy the new item. Fine, that I could deal with. Then she pulls out 4 seperate return slips and asks me to start filling out my contact information. On each of the seperate forms, for each of the seperate purchases. I guess they assume that if someone gets duplicates from their registry it will be the same person that buys all the dupes!

Oh, and wait! Each of the gift receipts is linked to my registry - which already has my contact info on it! Why the hell do I have to fill out little scraps of paper?

But wait it gets better, she can't put all of the returns on one gift card, each one, with a matching scrap of paper has to have a separate merch credit card. And, the one item that doesn't have a gift receipt? I have to provide my driver's license as ID. (One other thing was final sale so no returns)

So let's see - they have me register electronically. They use UPC codes for their inventory. Their gift receipts have huge barcodes on them, but I still have to fill everything out manually? Oh and better yet, she took the slips with my info on them, and manually filled out what was returned, including a code generated by the cash, then attached the credit receipt from the cash register to it. WTH?

I'm not sure which was the final topper though - the fact that one of the items I wanted in a different colour isn't available, and I cannot order it, I have to keep trekking back in until they maybe get it stocked or,
That they cashier that was doing returns started doing sales, cleared out the paying customers and stood there with her thumb up her ass while the returns line kept getting longer.

I am so sad we gave them any business, and can guarantee that as soon as we are done with the gift cards we will not be returning.
Tags: bru sux, rant

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