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Productive weekend

Aside from the BRU annoyance, we had a really good weekend and I managed to get a lot of rest in too.

Saturday, before the BRU fiasco, hubby put the first coat of paint on the room, then put my snow tires on the car *yay*, then we headed out to the boonies and picked up some diapers that I had delayed getting from last Thursday. I've decided to try some prefolds and square diapers too, I figure they were cheap, and if I don't use them as dipes solely, I can use them as liners and burp cloths. I also think I'm going to try tie dyeing them.

Anyways, after BRU we headed to The Extraordinary Baby Shoppe and what a difference in service! They are a small cloth diapering shop and the woman took the time to explain pros and cons to several of my selections. I ended up picking up a diaper bag for my pail, a smaller one for the diaper bag (if that makes any sense - it's to put the soiled diapers in). I also grabbed a couple of Snappies for the flat diapers (rather than pins), and a new steel water bottle for me (rather than those evil Nalgene bottles).

Next on the list was Home Depot, where we managed to get the right sized grate for the register, a new clothes pole and a door stop. Thrilling I know, but each of these purchases brings me that much closer to reclaiming the rest of my house from the mountains of baby stuff.

Today started off with 2.5 hours watching Coronation Street, life is so hard without a PVR, and pancakes for breakfast. We then made a huge run to Costco. While we're trying to freeze leftovers for meals in the next few weeks, we also use them for lunches so don't have that great a stash going. I figured it might be a good idea to have a backup plan. Well that and things like milk and bread.

Next stop was Rona, where we got some kick-ass trim paint, really, I never thought there would be much of a difference, but this stuff rocks. The finish is amazing. We also picked up new handles for the dresser and knobs for the cupboard. Funny thing about a used dresser, mirror and two end tables - the new handles cost almost as much as the original furniture *g*.

Back home hubby installed the trim and prepped the cupboard doors. A bit more trim painting and we can finally get the room organized (and reclaim our bedroom, dining room and spare room *g*)(and garage and furnace room).
I decided that my time would be better spent watching the Grey Cup. I am a wise, wise woman.
Tags: babble, preparing for baby

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