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Today was my last official day of work - yay! I went in to the office to pick up my separation papers and what do you know? They only start to process them on the first day of your leave and it will take 4 weeks to be processed. Guess how long I have to apply for benefits? 30 days. Guess what my four weeks falls over? Christmas. Guess how long my company has to get my papers to me? 10 days. Apparently they think this doesn't apply to them.
Dammit, dammit, dammit. The benefits website is down until Monday, so I'm going to see if there is anyway I can initiate the application without the ROE. I know they ask for the codes, but we'll see, I seem to remember that there was an option if you were having problems getting your ROE from your employer. Maybe I'll send the government after them. Of course, all it will probably mean is that I will have to spend far more time on the phone with them, and line up for hours with a newborn.

I also got my review done and out of the way, and not surprisingly, not a stellar review. Boss and I discussed some communication issues we have, but I also knew based on being otherwise occupied/tired as all get out. Not horrible, but I've done better.

I'm so glad my boss was all proactive and started this process 2 weeks ago! < /sarcasm>

Tonight I had my final crop of the year. Hubby graciously offered to drop me off, lug my stuff around and pick me up. I was really glad that I didn't go in to labour (as was my host), and it was very nice to meet 2 new croppers. Both are very enthusiastic, and I hope to be seeing more of them in the new year.

This stupid cold is going to keep me away from the knitwit Christmas, I hope to make it in to deliver the gifts, I'm really, really happy with the stuff I picked up this year.

Hubby has put his foot down, the house has to be settled by the end of the weekend. Personally I don't think it will ever be settled again, but I'll be purging a bunch of stuff this weekend.
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