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A post about the weather

We have received 128cm of snow so far this year, including the 38cm we received on Sunday. (Which it turns out is 2.6cm - just over an inch short of the all time record snowfall for one 24-hour period in Ottawa - set in 1947!)

I am inside most of the time, but still loving it. The snow is lovely and fluffy, not all crusted with freezing rain. When we let the dogs out they go plowing through the shoulder-deep snow like maniacs, digging and running and jumping around. It is the light fluffy snow that makes you want to lie down and make snow angels. This is easy for me to say as I didn't spend 5 hours shoveling my laneway, like Stella did.

We had an appointment at the hospital on Sunday. Driving there it was the first time my hubby has ever felt nervous driving in bad weather. He was afraid we were going to get hit, and it wasn't even the worst weather we've ever driven in. Visibility was good, roads weren't too slippery...I'm glad to know I've never been considered precious cargo!

Hubby is so glad he decided to buy a ski pass this year, he's just upset that the hills aren't open for night skiing yet! Too bad we won't get a chance to use the snowmobiles this year, it would kick ass to be at the cottage!

In 1947, my mother was 1.5 years old. Her father took pictures of her on the huge snowbanks caused by that year's snowfall.

In 1971, the snowfall in Ottawa was 400+ cm and I was 1 year old. We have pictures of me on *huge* snowbanks.

So far this year, we are on pace for more record snowfalls, I hope to get the same sort of pics with Victoria.
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