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Christmas and sneaky hubbies

Christmas was both low key and fantastic this year. We decided we would limit our gifts to each other to $100. There really isn't a lot of gift type stuff we need, and if we are going to get something for the house, well it isn't going to be under the guise of a gift *coughnew50"plasmaandaWii*.

I was actually pretty damn proud of the fact that I was within range. It usually doesn't happen with me, I work on the -ish rule, as do most of my friends. If you say you will be somewhere at noonish, it means between 11:30 and 12:30. If you say you spent $100ish - well, it probably starts with a 1. If you say you are a size 6ish, you get the picture *g*.

This year I was good, I took taxes in to account, I didn't get him extravagant stocking stuffers and I hit the target. (Actually, it is easy for me to do this, hubby's birthday is Christmas, so any overages become birthday gifts, for which there was no max.)

But what did he do? Well it started off with a DS Lite from Victoria and the cat. Chet and Sasha each bought me gifts as well...and he tried to claim that he stayed on budget. He's cute, but a cheater none the less.

Victoria and Lucas were both spoiled this year. We have barely gotten the piles of welcome presents put away, and now we are faced with a pile bigger than our Christmas tree (we buy a live tree every year and plant it in the spring). I am certain she will never go naked or lack a toy to play with!

On Christmas eve, rather than finishing several of the gifts I was trying to sew, I spent hours on future shop's web site shopping their boxing day sale. I was so happy when I got in at 8pm, I knew exactly what I wanted and snagged them immediately. I then tried to check out and was faced with this:

for an hour. And although I kept reloading the page, it didn't update. It was only when I got frustrated and clicked around on the page that it updated and started me on what I thought would be the checkout, and what did I get? This for another hour:

This is a web-based business. They do this sale every year. I was all prepared to write some rant about the epic fail when I went back and checked my invoice for last year, and realized that their servers crashed for 3 hours last year, so the 2 that I experienced this year might be considered progress of sorts.

And in the end, I still think it was worth it. While it wasn't free Paintshop or memory keys like last year, I still managed to get a 7.2M pixel point and shoot for $169, which worked out to $180 off. I also picked up to memory cards for it for $24. I know we have the 10meg DSLR, but hubby prefers the point and shoots, it has an available waterproof case for when he scuba dives, and it does video. Clearly we need it.

That is the only 'boxing day' shopping I have done so far, hubby and I have lounged around the house the past 2 days, we couldn't think of anything else we 'needed'.
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