neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Where were you 10 years ago?

I know that I'll never forget:

(pics are of scenes in Quebec, mine are still stuck on 4x6's in a shoebox)

We were lucky here, both at our house and in this area. We only accumulated 60mm of freezing rain, and that was still enough to bend the 40' cedars in our back yard right down to the ground, and snap the top off our birch tree. Our 90-year old oak stood up without flinching, while our maple came down (ever so gently) on our neighbour's roof.

Our neighbourhood was only out of power for an afternoon (yay to buried hydro lines!) We have a wood-burning fireplace if we needed heat. There were areas of Ontario that were without hydro for 4 weeks. Rural, farming areas.

It is the only time I can remember the city declaring a state of emergency. The entire city was shut down. I was however within walking distance to work, so I was lucky enough (with my sister) to get to babysit the powerless building and our generator (damn servers!) for 3 days.

Oh, has anyone mentioned what the short term:

and long term:

weather forecasts are? I'm actually not so worried about freezing rain as I am about the feet of snow on our roof getting saturated with millimeters of rain. Should be a good test of the old house.
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