neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Things that make me go 'eww' - Jan 9th

The gross posts aren't as fast and furious these days, and this one is marginal. It's more her sales pitch that makes it an eww than the actual item being sold. (Although it is a bit weird to be gifting partially used bath products). It was either this or Robin Williams splitting his crotch on the Letterman show.
(emphasis mine)

[FCO] OFFER: shampoo and conditioner
I bought a bottle of dollar store imitation Herbal Essences (Herbal Fusion, or something like that), and I hate it, so I was wondering if anyone else would like it. I also have a bottle of No-name brand "strawberries and cream" scented conditioner, which isn't bad, but does not work on my very long hair. The shampoo is about 1/3 full and the condition is about 3/4 full.

Please let me know when you would be able to stop by. I am only home in the evenings and not on most weekends.
Tags: ttmmge

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