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The good news:

I had my 6w PP appointment with the OB today, and everything is looking good and, dare I say it, normal. I did have a moment of doubt when she asked if we should talk about birth control, I let her know I have my own built in solution. I guess since she didn't take them out, I can't expect her to remember that I don't have any tubes. She feels that I shouldn't *deliver* again before 18 months, and mentioned that I should just talk to the RE directly if we want to try again in a year or so.

The feeling appears to be coming back in my fingertips.

I've lost 26lbs so far, and can now start more intense exercise.

My lovely sherpa has arrived, I've got to wash it, and then I can start cutting out diapers. I am still searching for a snap press, but may just go with velcro for these ones.

I received the full Firefly DVD set for my birthday.

My hubby, against his better judgement, bought me 'The God Delusion' for my birthday. I can't wait to start reading it.

I've gotten some really cool stuff on freecycle lately, including 5yds of sari silk I have to go pick up tomorrow.

I have discovered some amazing deals on coops - 'nuff said

My 'wit buddy Heho had her baby girl yesterday - what a wonderful day to have a birthday. *g*

The reasons I dislike the government these days:

1 - e-testing - Ontario has this Drive Clean program where passenger cars are tested every couple of years for various pollutants. While it's fine to test and try to reduce smog, it bugs me that commercial vehicles, trucks and buses aren't tested. You'd think if they were serious they would test the vehicles that are on the road and running all the time. Do you see the crap that pours out of those diesel vehicles? Anyways, my sticker was up for renewal, and this is my year for testing. As per our previous string of luck with our vehicles, my car failed, and the dealership can't see us until Wednesday. So, we had to get a trip permit for the car (hubby had an issue with our insurance being void if we were in a collision, and something about losing the house if we were sued bothered him). There are all sorts of other hinky things I don't like about the program, from 'certified drive clean outlets' to 'conditional passes' if you spend enough money. Anyways, baby needs to travel, so we're dishing out $200 just to get it diagnosed, plus up to $450 before we get a conditional pass.

2 - My mat leave benefits. You may remember that I was upset that my work decided I didn't need to get my record of employment (ROE - pink slip) in the legislated time frame of 2 weeks. They seemed to think that it was okay for them to just mail it out whenever. Well, I received it just after Christmas, and brought it in to the EI office ASAP. I've since heard nothing and my claim has stalled, despite me checking on line every day and calling every couple of days. Turns out because I didn't get the paperwork in on time, my file was kicked out of the system, and a 21-day appeal process was started from the day I submitted (even though everything else was in place Dec 3). Did I mention that is 21 business days? So, I haven't gotten anything from them at all for the month of December, and now I have to wait until the end of January for the 'appeal' to be completed. Oh, did I mention I hate my employer? How hard is it for a technology company to file these on time, and hey here's a novel idea, how about doing it electronically?

Reason I hate unions today:

Fete des Neiges canceled this year due to threats of labour action in Quebec.
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