neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

This whole situation with the Chalk River nuclear generator really boggles my mind. This almost 60-year old facility, the oldest research reactor in the world, was shut down due to it's lack of backup safety measures. You know, things that will keep us safe in case of earthquakes or other disasters. The shutdown caused a potential run on medical isotopes world wide. Unfortunate, and due to additional lapses of judgment in trying to bring two replacement reactors online.

Now, instead of fixing the deficiencies in a timely manner, and re-opening the site, the government steps in, starts the plant back up, and fires the head of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, because they were worried about patients dying. What about, say, the Ontario population in general? I mean, did they do a risk analysis that said that X number of patients would die if this wasn't turned on, versus the potential for X-Y if there is an accident or natural disaster involving the facility? Did they look around and decide those folks vote Liberal or Green anyways?
Tags: jerks
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