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I can't believe it's been over a week since I posted already! The blame for my absence lies completely with my sister. Stella and her hubby decided to introduce me to a little site called Since this introduction, I have been immersed in old family records, and have added 300+ members to our family tree, a hundred from hubby's family and the rest from my maternal grandfather, and those were the easy ones. I'm now completely itching to go tromping around in graveyards and church records to find additional information for our families. Sadly it's still snowing here, adding 15 more centimeters to the ground. And I don't think any archives are infant-friendly, so I'm restricted to web research for the time being. Luckily there are several efforts to digitize records, so I can get lost in those for hours at a time. I cannot wait until we get to the point of immigration, I want to trace back to the old countries. We have to be fairly close now, I've found records for gggg grandfather born around 1797, and the family scoop was that they came over due to the potato famine, so he'd be the right generation. Or the family is wrong. My mother is also all fired up about it, and has started digging out all the old family photos and records. This also means that I'm playing around with my new scanner and trying to get the best resolution and restoring some of the pics... The paternal side of our tree is going to be a lot harder to work on, given that my father was 4 when they left Poland in 1944. Yep, not too many records left there, I have to get talking to my Grandfather about that.

I can't imagine everything I missed on my flist, off to try and catch up now.
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