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VC update

And with that another week is gone between posts. And I have another cold. I am certain I had an immune system before I got pregnant. Victoria has managed to get herself right snotty too, so we are not a fun couple to be around at the moment. You can understand why she's feeling a bit run down with the weekend she had. Starting with Girlie poker -


Know when to hold'em

(Thanks for the pics Deb.)

Saturday we had dinner with friends, and of course the little socialite couldn't miss a moment again. We were out for brunch with my aunt and uncle Sunday morning, and you can see how her late nights were taking their toll:

Pass the coffee

Of course you'd think this would mean she'd go to bed before 11pm, but not a chance. I can spend hours trying to get her to go sleep at 7 or 8, but she doesn't end up falling asleep until at least 11, so what's the point? I tried tiring her out during the day, but that seems to tire me out more than her *g*. Someone suggested that it was due to caffeine in my diet - well I went caffeine free for a week and the only effect was that it gave her the upper hand. She has just started in her exersaucer and jolly jumper, she still needs a bit more mass before she can effectively operate either, but she loves the fact that they allow her to stand up, and I love the fact that they freak the dogs out *g*.

The dogs have both been awesome with her. Chet can be overly enthusiastic when you try to hand feed him, but we tried getting her to hold a piece of kibble out to him and he was super gentle, just nudging her hand until she dropped it.

I'm actually not complaining or worried about her late sleep starts because she sleeps through the entire night. We get up when hubby gets ready for work, have a feed and a change and then we're back snoozing for another couple of hours. I know she's going to be impossible to wake as a teenager, but I'm enjoying the late morning snoozes now.
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