neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Today has been a total waste of a day. I can't seem to get my butt in gear. It is rainy/stormy/yucky out (again), I don't feel like working, and there is really no one who needs anything from me as all of the US offices are closed. To top it off I'm cranky. I think this is mostly due to the weather.

I skipped the goodbye lunch for one of my preggers co-workers - she's ready to pop any day now - sigh. I just did not want to be there. I made some lame excuse about 'something' coming up. I was going to say I hope they understand, but hell I'm not even sure if I understand what I'm feeling these days.

So I'm headed home to see about din, then trying to clean the disaster that is my house as we're having the inlaws over tomorrow for FIL's birthday. Not sure if hubby has gotten him anything yet, but at least it will be an excuse to do some crafting to get a card ready for him.

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