neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Weather, weather everywhere

The other day I was reading a forum thread where a woman from Maine posted that they had received 120" of snow this year. I thought, 'boy that calculation has to be wrong, she's exaggerating'. Even I'm able to perform the simple math that results in that being 10 feet of snow.

In the first 6 hours of the day today we received 15cm of snow, bringing our total snowfall for the year to 342cm. They are expecting another 15cm today. Shortly after having my coffee it dawned on me that although those suckers are small, 342 is a lot of centimeters. Grabbing my handy-dandy calculator, I quickly realized that 342cm is just over 134 inches. One hundred and thirty four inches of snow this year. Again, I'll show off my awesome math skills and convert that to 11 feet, 2 inches of snow. That's over a storey of snow! I am boggled.

Fun facts:
So far, one of our snow dumps is full, the city has run out of salt for the roads and they've managed to spend 18 million dollars on snow removal (the budget is $9M a year so nine in November/December and nine Jan to present). You may note that this does not account for last Jan-Mar or next November and December. The crews have already cleared over 2.2 million cubic meters of snow off the streets, before this week's additions. Ottawa's average annual snowfall is 235cm and we received almost 200 in December alone! All that said, this winter's snow fall isn't even close to records, we're currently sitting at the 4th greatest recorded snowfall, and have a good 100cm to go before we make any new records.

And the complaining! 'When will it end', 'it's never going to stop', 'oh the shovelling'...and on and on. Um folks - you live in freaking eastern Canada, what did you expect? You want sunshine and lollipops move to Victoria, where you're more likely to actually get rain, but I digress. Otherwise shut up and get shovelling. For the record, I have been shovelling, I've even managed to get stuck shovelling the plow's windrow a couple of times - we've got places to go and people to see you know! I love the fresh snow, being able to pull V in her little sled. The dogs love the snow, they go nuts playing in it, getting stuck in chest-deep drifts. Skiers love the snow, hubby is very glad he got his ski pass this year, and probably a bit sad we didn't make it to Tremblant. And I'm betting today is a great day to go shopping, while everyone is holed up at home afraid of the weather *g*.
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