neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Crafty hubby

My hubby's always looking for the angle, the hook to draw me in to his schemes. Here is his latest attempt:

First he sends me this picture and listing:

1996- 20 Ft Shadow Fiberglass Outboard Bass Boat
1996- Yamaha 2.5L Outboard Motor
Red- Asking $6900.00

Call Jamie at xxx-xxxx or yyy-yyyy.

A little while later I get these two listings:

Barbie Jeep: new battery needed. Can be purchased at Walmart for approx. $35-$49.

It has the following features:
Runs forward at two speeds-2.5mph and 5mph, Runs in reverse as well, Pretend key that turns, Standard dash board with simulated gauges, Radio with DJ Barbie and fun phrases, Fold-down windshield, Pretend phone, Opening hood where battery is stored, Roll bar, Gas cap, Two seatbelts for two separate riders
*Approx ages 3-7 (weight limit of 130lbs)

New $329.00 Asking $100.00
Great shape, many more years of off roading left in this chick mobile.
Call Sue at yyy-yyyy


She will love this battery operated ATV.
Battery and charger included.
Retails for $115.00

Selling for: $50.00
Call Sue if interested at yyy-yyyy

He knew I'd be more interested in toys for Miss V than toys for him, so his sales pitch was that we'll ask them to throw in the toys if we buy the boat. That way everyone wins *g*

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