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From the 'What was I thinking' dept.

My sister has returned to work on a part-time basis and is having a horrible time trying to find daycare. Apparently if you are looking for a spot around here some of the waiting lists are two years long...given a year of mat leave and 9 months gestation, you apparently have to be really proactive! My mother was helping her, but has also recently returned to work. Sooooo, until she finds daycare, I am looking after L two days a week!

The shock of actually having to be up and on a schedule, and coherent and out of the house by 8:30 (with baby, mustn't forget baby) eventually wore off, and the two days went by really fast, as you can imagine chasing a 13 month-old toddler while trying to breastfeed a four month-old might. It was actually no problem at all to look after both of them. I was afraid on Monday that L was just sucking me in for hell day on Tuesday, but even though he cut a molar Tuesday night, I had a great day with him. I was even able to do responsible type things like taking them out for a walk and a little tour of the garden. L only ate a tiny bit of sunblock when I was putting it on them. My biggest fear was that I'd doze off and L would show V all the cupboards they shouldn't get in to, but luckily they were the only ones that slept.

Monday night I came home and told hubby I was totally ready for another! *G* I think it's a huge benefit that only one of them were mobile, so when I need to look after L, I just put V down and she's in relatively the same spot when I return - she is rolling over and does end up scootching herself around given enough time. That also makes it harder for them to gang up on me *g*

Of course, I'm still getting used to this, as witnessed by my making Freecycle pickup plans for Monday and lunch plans for next Tuesday *g*. I'll have to change those bright and early Monday.

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