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Rambly update

I cannot believe how this month has flown by! I keep thinking it's the beginning of May and here it is, May two-4 weekend just passed (yes I know it was the 17-20th, but up here it's always the May two-4).

I should start off by correcting a grievous error. Hubby is rather miffed that I never mentioned the gift that he and Victoria so lovingly picked out for me for Mother's Day. Hubby and I have been looking at the work of a local artist for quite some time. He has done a series of paintings that have particularly struck a chord with us relating to our struggles with infertility, and hubby bought me one!

It is called Morning Walk:

Here is how I was greeted last Sunday morning:

I *love* her bedhead! I'm sure one day she'll want me to comb it before she leaves the house, but for now she goes out in all her stickiuppy goodness.

A couple of weeks ago we started swimming lessons, and last week hubby came with us to the pool to take some pictures. She's way too young to try to blow bubbles, she ends up drinking or breathing in the pool. So instead she spends a lot of time floating on her back and chasing things on her front:

This past weekend V apparently thought we had it too good for too long and has decided that she didn't need to sleep - EVER. It was not a fun weekend, and although she slept for 5 hours last night and napped for 3 total today (may be a new record), I'm exhausted!

Hubby's exhausted too, but that's because I arranged for 4 yards of earth to be delivered, and he moved almost all of it into a new flower bed for me (yes, he made me a new flowerbed) He brought a tiller home from work and made me a new huge bed in the front, now I just need to coordinate the time to get playing in it! He also hauled up the 14 patio stones at the side of our house and laid down the last of the interlock. We aren't using it like interlock in the path, we've got them spaced out so we can grow groundcover between the stones.

We are still looking for a vehicle. The inspection on the van didn't go that well, turns out the woman hadn't changed the oil in 5 months (9000km! hubby's religious about that one), it needed brake work, timing belt, a/c work and something else...maybe to do with the steering, so we passed. The current owner is a teacher and ended up selling it to someone else at his school. They will have the work done by the students in the school's shop *g*. So we are still looking, or rather, have started to quasi-seriously look. One thing I will say - it is really hard to pass up a mini van when they are 1/3 the price of a used wagon...sigh.

And finally, it is Tuesday night people, enough with the fireworks! I didn't mind you starting to set them off Thursday night. I understand it's some sort of tradition to play with explosives this weekend. But six days of explosives is a bit much!
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