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Jun. 18th, 2008 @ 10:25 pm Some f&*king sh&t-a$$
stole my money. Some f&*king sh&t-a$$ it ain't funny.

Okay, so not technically money, but hubby hopped in the car tonight to discover that some jerk stole our ipod fm transmitter/holder and rifled through our glovebox (which is really how he figured out anyone had been in the car).

And it's not like the car was on the street, it was in first in the laneway, closest to the house. Talk about a convergence of bad timing. Hubby had been playing with the X10 exterior lights, they are normally on a motion sensor, but have been disabled while he worked on them, and our driver's side door isn't closing properly, so the remote lock doesn't always work, and we don't always catch it. I'm guessing it was kids roaming around the neighbourhood, and not only because I'm the cranky old folk, but also because they missed the cash in the ashtray and coin holder, school's out, and you can hear them wandering around late at night. I'm guessing they saw the iPod holder and wanted it and the iPod (which we don't keep in the car).

I reported it (gotta keep those crime stats accurate) and when the policeman asked if we had video surveillance I almost answered, 'not yet!'

I guess the days when we accidentally leave the garage open and everything is okay are over...jerks.

Oh, and while I had the police on the phone I also reported my credit card number theft (turns out it was almost $1000 that was charged to the card!) He took the report but let me know that the fraud department was the busiest and most backed up one they have, so I may not hear from anyone for a year. I'm all good with that, it was more a matter of reporting it than expecting them to solve it (although the criminal mastermind did pay their phone bill with it, bought flowers and concert tickets, so I'm sure it won't be too hard to find them).
Who does she think she is?
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Date:June 19th, 2008 12:51 pm (UTC)
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We're dealing with American Express for the same thing. Some woman got Jim's number and has been ordering stuff online, left and right. Only one problem in her plan.......everything has been coming to the billing address on the credit card. :) So, I've been calling these companies and explaining the situation, and working out returning the merchandise and getting money back. The only reason we found out, is because of all the credit cards to pick, she picked the one we rarely use. At the time she made her first purchase, we hadn't used the card in 2 months. It was quite obvious. Now, had she hit Capital One (which has a $6,000 balance), that would have been different. AmEx is dealing with it now though. I hope she rots. Seriously. It'd be forgiveable if she was buying things like groceries to feed her family, but this idiot is buying makeup, and software, and books.

Sorry about the car being broken into. Can you park in the garage? At least these brats didn't get the iPod. And to overlook money and take the iPod transmitter? Stupid kids.

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Date:June 20th, 2008 12:54 pm (UTC)
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Wow that's a pretty dumb scheme she's cooked up! Did Amex not cancel the card when the fraud started?

We're one of those families that can't park their cars in the garage. But! It's a single garage and the bike's in there - and I'd rather protect that than the cars, and we'd still have one outside too.

It really ticks me of though - I mean people here forget and leave their garages open all the time, hubby's left his wallet out on the steps and we never though there'd be a problem.
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