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And today I like my job

Well, I like not doing my job. Was at the second lab site for a meeting today when the power went to hell (appears we lost one phase) so spotty, dirty power, UPS's beeping like mad and an abrupt end to our meeting.

Very easy steps - call hydro, call for our generator so we don't lose the server room, and talk to the landlord. Well the facilities manager wasn't there so peeps were willy nilly. Seemed easy enough to me so I looked in the phone book (paper copy mind you - we have no hydro remember ) get hydro. Now here's the weird part. They wanted me to check the breakers, like this was a house I was talking about! I tried to explain it was a business in a multi-tenant building with a huge feed. I mean the main power room hums when you walk in. Not a place I like spending time, and not just a simple breaker I can throw. So go see the landlord. He calls and electrician and I figure 'hey, it's 30C out, I'm going home!' (of course I could have gone back to the other office that wasn't affected).

So generator arrives, gets hooked up and there are bunches of busy IT people working away in the server room, taking the opportunity to do some bits of maint - and here's the BEST part - nothing for IT security to do, so I'm on my deck enjoying the sunshine!

On the way out, I thought I'd stop at the phone company CO that's located in our parking lot. Sure enough they are down a phase too - but here's the kicker - hydro is on the way for them! I guess once customers start losing phones hydro shows up. As I left the lot, the truck pulled up, and sure enough - you can see where the insulator blew on the pole - 10 min fix max.

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