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Craziest freecycle I ever saw

Okay - usually my FCO postings are icky or make me go ewww, but this one just boggles my mind. It's a house! Someone is giving away a whole freaking house! Take that paperclip guy!

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: [FCO] Repost: FREE house - viewing this Sunday
Date: Wed, 06 Aug 2008 20:40:53 -0000
From: someone with a house

Two-storey three bedroom house originally advertised in post# 121744
will be available for viewing this Sunday from 2-4 pm.

Thank you for your emails and for your interest in this home. I
received many inquiries over the last week including several from
people indicating a genuine need for a home. I have decided along
with my husband that, in the interest of fairness, we will make the
house available for viewing to all who remain interested.

The viewing will be this Sunday afternoon, August 10th, from 2-4 pm.
The house is located at

Following the viewing, we will give all those interested in pursuing
the home one week, until August 17th to follow up with me. By that
date, we will require proof in writing from their bank indicating
that they have the resources available to pay the moving company. We
will also request proof that they have or are in the process of
finding a suitable lot for the home. (If you are in the process of
finding a lot for the home, we would ask that your include a letter
from your realtor indicating such. If you are selected to receive the
home, you will have until September 15th to confirm that you have
purchased a lot or the house will be offered again on Full Circles.)
Your lot will need to be ready to receive the home no later than
October 15th. Barring any unforeseen difficulties, I hope to be able
to notify the winner and post a TAKEN notification on Full Circles by
August 20th.

I have uploaded photos to the FREE house folder. They include both
interior and exterior views.

Other details:
The main two story portion of the home is approximately 1200 square
The bedrooms are roughly 150, 120 and 100 square feet. (Very rough!)
There is one full bathroom on the upper level.
The kitchen has new flooring and lots of cupboard space.
The open living area/dining room has a large bay window into the
backyard and a fireplace.
The furnace, washer/dryer, air conditioner, stove and microwave are
all included with the house. The refrigerator is not.

The photos show a two-story home with a one-story addition and
carport. The quotation I have from CDS Movers is only for the two-
story portion, however, the winner would be welcome to all three if
they wish.

The house requires no significant or urgent repairs. It housed a
family of four until mid-June and prior to that was continuously
occupied by a single family for over 50 years. All rooms in the house
were repainted one year ago (more recently than what you see in the
photos) and the home has been very well maintained over the years. I
am confident that anyone interested in the home will be very pleased
with its condition. The hardwood floors need resanding but are in
solid shape and will look beautiful with a few coats of varnish.

While I appreciate that many will have questions, I have made a
choice not to include my telephone number due to the large number of
inquiries I am likely to receive. If you are indeed interested in the
home you are welcome to email me at this address or to attend the
viewing on Sunday at which I will be happy to answer your questions.

Thank you to everyone for their interest. I look forward to seeing
many of you this Sunday.

With best regards,
someone with a house to give

PS Several of you suggested that I contact Habitat for Humanity about
the house. I have been in touch with the Ottawa chapter of Habitat
for Humanity but they indicated that they did not have any land
available and were not, therefore, in a position to accept a free
house at this time

Original offer #121744 was posted on Full Circles July 25, 2008

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