neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

I'm free!

For the past month or so I've been tethered to my desk by a pesky powercord. I never knew how much misery one little cord could cause. This cord is to blame for me not posting freecycle items, not updating my journal, not getting my pictures posted in picasa...I'll go for broke - it caused havoc with my taxes and has generally put me behind with my life. Okay so that might be a little much to blame solely on the powercord. I suppose some of the blame has to rest on the battery that completely died on me a month ago. I've abused my machines in many ways, but I've never fried a battery before. It wouldn't keep a seconds worth of charge and my power manager reported 'irreparable damage to battery' which was a cool message the first 50 or so times it popped up. But seriously, I knew I had an issue with attachment to my machine, I mean I'd bring it with me to breakfast to catch up on mail, watch a movie and Google who the actors were, and do some coop shopping while playing with Victoria. But I had no idea of the withdrawal that leaving it attached to my table would cause. I also realized that while I had a working battery I thought it was cute when V unplugged my powercord, and yet when the battery was dead she still thought it was fun and my opinion changed. My changing reactions caused her a great deal of confusion, where once her tug on the cord caused me to giggle with her, now I was dissolving into tears. I will give her credit though, she kept trying, hoping I'd get back to the laughing reaction. I stopped by my work today to pick up my badge (I hang my head in shame - as I was leaving for Mat leave, I left my badge on my desk, and so I failed my workplace security review. Luckily I have an understanding boss) and to let Victoria have a little visit, and my boss grabbed a new battery for me. I like to think it was out of the goodness of his heart, but in reality it's probably because he was sick of my whining. Either way, I'm free! I can run around the house with baby in one had and Victoria in the other *g* I may actually get posts completed now before some other shiny object catches my attention and while I'm not looking Victoria unplugs my machine.

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