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New, shiny, and coming soon to a kitchen near me: appliances! Yep, we managed to (so far) buy the appliances without it snowballing into an entirely new kitchen. As long as we measured correctly we should only have to do minor alterations to one cabinet and door to remove the range hood and replace it with the over-range microwave. I am sad that I'll have to continue looking at that awful backsplash tile, but hopefully the new toys will distract me for a while.

Why this excites me:

I've been longing for a dishwasher that actually cleans dishes. Added bonus, I no longer have to pre-rinse my dishes, the machine is *quiet* and it doesn't have an element to heat the water or dry the dishes.

I've pined for a refrigerator that allows me to have a conversation in the room while it's running. An added bonus, the lights will no longer dim when the fridge kicks on. Also handy: glass shelves, freezer on the bottom, door ajar alarm and I cleaned out my fridge. Condiments really do expire!

Our current microwave no longer follows instructions. We tell it to defrost something and it decides to fry it to a crisp one time, the next our food is perfectly fine frozen. It also takes up several linear feet of very limited counter space. We also aren't sure that the range hood actually vents properly, so this is like three birds with one stone.

And finally the bonus stove. There is technically nothing wrong with our current stove, other than it is extremely difficult to set the clock on it, but we can't have one 20 year old appliance in all that shininess. So while it doesn't fix any issues, it does give me a flat cooktop, a hidden element in the stove, and a convection oven. Oh, and it's self cleaning! That right there is worth it's weight in gold.

I wonder if the delivery guys, who are scheduled to arrive between 8am and 6pm (thanks for narrowing that down) will mind if I call them Santa.

Tiny tidbit of green geekdom: The new fridge and stove combined are rated to use less kilowatt hours annually than my old fridge by itself!
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