neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

You can't always get what you want...

Friday morning I was up bright an early, trying to figure out how to wrangle the cat, dogs and baby when the appliance delivery dudes decided to appear. I had coolers at the ready for the last few items from out fridge, baby gates set to be thrown up at a moment's notice. Hubby had kindly moved the fridge and stove out and cleaned under them and we have made a pact to do it again before the next 12 years pass.

I had just settled in to a comfy spot, expecting a full 10 hours of being on pins and needles when the doorbell rang. Yes, 9am delivery folks! First thing delivery dude greets me with is the bad news that my fridge isn't on the truck. The only other thing he knows about it is that customer service was supposed to have called me to warn me of the bad news. (They called an hour after the delivery guys left)

They take a peek in the kitchen to see where they've got to get the stove to, then the living room to make sure I've got no hidden pits for them to fall in to while they're unloading the dishwasher and microwave. Bill has to install those lovelies and our kitchen just isn't big enough to keep them in there.

Next bad news - the stove is dented. The dent is on the side, but it's still dented. At this point, there is no way I'm letting them leave without installing *something* so I take note that it's damaged and ask them to bring it in. In it comes, and installed it partially gets. While our counters have a large enough gap for the stove, the cupboards were built around the old stove which apparently had a slightly different shape. *sigh*

So, my fridge will be delivered on the 4th, they have to get me a replacement stove (which I also want delivered on the 4th) and the microwave and dishwasher weren't installed. Not nearly as Christmas-like as I was hoping for.
Tags: effing appliances

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