neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

One day I'll have all my new appliances...

Hubby spent the entire weekend making all the appliances we received fit. Our cupboards needed slight modifications to allow the stove to slide in - Saturday morning. Stove installed.

Our cupboards where the dishwasher was to go needed a side installed - we learned this after scooping 10 or so Tupperware lids out from under the old washer. Plumbing also needed to be re-routed. Saturday afternoon and evening. Dishwasher installed and man is it quiet! I was tempted to turn off the fridge to hear the dishwasher.

Sunday am we tore apart our spice cabinet and hubby got to installing the microwave. After a little electrical, some duct re-routing, a bit of shelf building, the microwave is in and working!

We have so far resisted the urge to put down a new floor, tear out the cupboards and buy a new sink. We need to do this, but we can't afford it right now. So while the kitchen remodel sings its sweet siren song, we plug away content at the difference the little changes like appliances have already made. We've also gained 2 cupboard doors that we can try experimenting on to see if we can update them without ruining them.

The 'dent' in the side of the stove turned out to be more than that. The entire cooktop is shifted and one of the variable size burners doesn't work correctly. They offered to either replace or repair (with compensation). We requested replace. I bought new appliances, I want new appliances. Our sales guy called today with more bad news and then managed to turn it in to good news. The dented stove that we received was one of the last available of that model. Our options are now either repair the one we have, take the floor model, or for no additional cost take the next model up.

I'm not comfortable with the floor model or the repair, so tonight we went in to look at the next model up. It is a slightly bigger oven, smaller drawer below. The drawer is also a proofing/warming oven. There is a temperature probe built in to the oven, but no electrical outlets in the backsplash (apparently this is an American model and American stoves don't come with this? What do I know). The back casing of the backsplash is plastic instead of metal, but that one really doesn't bother me at all, although hubby seems a bit concerned. Oh and it has the neat split apart rack for cooking taller items and all the temperature controls are touch sensitive. Basically it's a $500 upgrade for the screw up. Guess which option we took? So stove 2.0 and fridge 1.0 are set to arrive October 4th. My fingers are crossed for a happy Christmas part deux.
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