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The kitchen update - you know I couldn't post without talking about the kitchen!

I am such a creature of habit when it comes to kitchens! I'm sure having everything in exactly the same location for 12 years hasn't helped, but boy has my ability to grab a coffee and a slice of toast been challenged the past few mornings. Due to the loss of some cupboard space I've started totally rearranging the contents of our cupboards, and I'm not sure I'll ever recover. Seriously. My mother and sister rearranged the contents of the cupboards at the cottage about 7 years ago and I still open the wrong doors all the time. I'm currently so disoriented in my own kitchen that I have caught myself trying to put the coffee pot in the fridge, and it's not sleep deprivation, but simply because I don't know where it goes anymore.

Memory lane

For years now hubby has been bugging me to get rid of my record player and I've always claimed that I want to listen to the albums. So every time he moves our AV equipment he carefully sets up the record player and I always find some excuse not to use it. Now that we've moved V's playroom down there I'm having a hoot! Today she was totally rocking out to The Who and Suzi Quartro, shaking her little rattle in time to the music, and that right there means the record player will be around for as long as she wants. My mother didn't help the situation by giving me her entire 45 collection - I have to listen to each of those at least once, I can't wait to get her dancing to some Beach Boys tunes.

Yes, in my bra

V has had a horrible cold since last Wednesday. I know it's horrible as I've had it too (Note to self - never make the comment that it's been years since you've had an asthma attack, you're just asking for trouble). She spent at least 3 sleepless nights in bed with us, but last night was the worst. She didn't sleep with us, but when she woke up at midnight she was really coughing and gagging, so I brought her to bed with me to comfort her. I should mention that I should have known better seeing as I'd changed the sheets earlier that day and sure enough, whereas the night before she just threatened to throw up, there was no holding back last night. I can honestly say baby puke in my bra is one of the grossest things I've ever experienced.

Playing Hooky

Due to the aforementioned cold V and I didn't attend music class this morning. I actually didn't get out of my pajamas all day. I figure one sickie isn't going to kill her, and while some other parent may not have had enough consideration to keep their germ-filled, snotty child out of class last week, I would do my best to stop this plague in its tracks. Gymnastics tomorrow will be a last minute decision. I'm hoping that a good night's sleep will get her back on track.

The great Canadian car hunt

We started off as the couple who would never own a mini-van. Then we started looking at mini-vans. Then I had the brilliant idea that we should be looking at two smaller, more fuel efficient cars, so that we wouldn't have a full time gas guzzler, but could travel with the dogs. Sounded brilliant and hubby likes the Matrix/Vibe. Somehow on the weekend we ended up at the Toyota dealership and looked at the RAV4 and tonight we are going to look at a Honda Odyssey. Full circle much? It seems we can't escape the evil temptation of the low, low price combined with excessive cargo space of a mini-van! Two words: Hubby's car.

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