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Christmas part two

Today was delivery day for the appliances. As before, the store gave us a completely useful, yet slightly smaller delivery window of between 11am and 5:30 pm. Great for planning your entire Saturday, but you know what? I didn't care, I was getting the rest of my kitchen and they were going to be shiny and slick and new and they may even off-gas slightly, but we would be done!

The delivery truck showed up at 2pm. No biggie, hubby was playing with V and I was getting some cleaning done. First sign of the brewing shitstorm: the fridge is damaged. Yes, the one that was shorted 2 weeks ago is dented in the freezer door. Hubby was dealing with the delivery guys and I'm surprised he didn't throw an aneurysm right there in the driveway. His initial reaction was, 'take'em all back', which I decided to temper into, 'let's accept these and deal with the store.' Things got slightly calmer. Next, before they bring the old stove out, they decide to check the new one. AND IT'S FLAMING DAMAGED TOO!!!! Seriously, it has the same sort of denting on the side, scratches on the top and nicks in the stainless. Again hubby is seething. By this time he's already tried to get in touch with the appliance manager at the store but she's in a meeting. So he left a rather animated message (poor receptionist) and he's now disassembling our front door so the fridge will fit in and perhaps to blow off a bit of steam.

It didn't help the entire experience that the delivery guys weren't totally on their game. One of them was a serious hazard to the store's reputation. He let go of his carrying straps while bringing our fridge down the stairs, couldn't take direction to move items with his partner, stepped on some items we moved out of the way, knocked over stuff in another room causing a spill on our hardwood, and best of all, told hubby that leveling was included with the original stove so he wasn't going to level the new one! At that point, hubby had to walk away and throw our old fridge around in the garage for a while. Just in case there was any danger of hubby's blood pressure coming down to normal, when he was talking with the customer service department for deliveries, the operator asked him if he wanted our next set of appliances inspected thoroughly before they left the dock. I'm thinking that it might be good practice for them to do with all their appliances. Out of the 5 now that we've received, 3 have been damaged, and we're not done yet.

To add insult to injury, things were not looking too good for our relationship with the store when I received my credit card invoice yesterday and it was $2200 more than it should have been. You see, when we agreed to accept the upgraded stove, they seemed to have no problems charging it to my account. They did however run into a snag or two removing the old one (since we still have it) and adding the adjustments to lower the price. That still hasn't been resolved, but I'll get it sorted, I have until the 20th before I start accruing interest.

The second, much smaller problem I discovered yesterday was that when we bought the appliances, we were in there on a double points weekend for their customer loyalty program and they've managed to forget to add the double points to my account. This generally wouldn't be a big deal, but with the amount we purchased it worked out to the equivalent of $250. This store was slightly more expensive than their competitor, but has/d a better reputation to us, been in business longer, and we'd had good dealings in the past (har har). So this difference in points was just another justification we used to go with them. Now it's apparently just another hassle I have to deal with. As hubby pointed out, this should be the easy part, we're giving them bundles of money and they should give us nice appliances and good service. Can you imagine the problems we'll have, based on this experience, if we need to have any warranty work done?
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