neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

My daughter is on a mission to break my nose.

While I haven't yet gotten the headbutt of death, (you know - the one where they try to drive your nose up into your brain) and I thought nothing of it when I was rudely awakened last week by her head firmly connecting with the bridge of my nose. It wasn't one of those 'oh that's making my eyes water' hits to the nose, rather I think the cracking sound woke me up before the pain. At the time I dismissed it as an accident, she was just waking up and didn't have full control of her melon.

Thursday things turned more sinister. Under the guise of making music the little imp was shaking a spice bottle I'd filled with rice for her. I was sitting beside her as she stood at the couch. Shake, shake, shake, CRACK! Through the haze of pain I looked up to see my daughter grinning at me, back to shaking the bottle, wondering what I was doing on the floor. I'm sure if I hadn't been rolling around in pain she would have taken another swing, luckily she was content to carry on making music.

On Friday evening hubby mentioned to me that I had some 'dirt' on my nose. I tried to brush it off, realizing immediately that dirt wouldn't hurt like that. You guessed it, a bruise, right across the bridge of my nose! At least it blends nicely with the dark circles under my eyes...
Tags: vc

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