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head meet desk

About a week ago hubby's digital camera met an untimely and unfortunate end in the technology smackdown that is my life. He entered the octagon hoping to download a few pics to my machine and was quickly down for the count, succumbing to a nifty move I like to call 'thrown to the ground when I forgot that it was attached to my laptop'. Not only did he lose the match, but his career may be over too. Something rattled lose in his brain, and now when you turn him on he reports that the image stabilizer is off-line and shuts down. I like to think of this as similar to a medically induced coma, protecting him while he recovers.

The next day we visited the hospital, er, store where I bought it hoping to drop it off for repairs. Now here comes the shocking part; they couldn't find a record of my order in their system (I'm starting to sense a trend here). I figured no problem, I'll go to my on-line account and pull up the order. My password memory failed on the login so I had to have it reset. It would appear that as a 'safety feature' they remove all of the order history from my account when I reset the password, unless I can provide them with a past order number...which is what I'm trying to get online to obtain. Very useful system they've got there.

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