neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Call me an optimist

Or maybe a sucker, but after three phone calls I'm holding out hope that our kitchen woes will be over by Wednesday.

Service called me last week to schedule the replacement of the fridge doors and we settled on Wednesday. Then on Friday the sales manager called to apologize for the delays and mixups, they have found both stoves and would like to deliver stove 4.0 next week, did I have a preferred day? Well, it seems Wednesday might be a good one.

Yes we're on stove 4.0 without ever having received stove 3.0. Apparently when the movers located the two 'missing' stoves, the box for stove 3.0 was so badly damaged that the sales manager decided not to even bother with it, and ordered another new one for us. (Note to self - never use this moving company!)

The final call I received was from the moving company itself to apologize (yes the whole company called) for the delays in getting the paperwork in so we could be credited for the stoves. They were 'a bit behind' in their paperwork. A bit behind? 20 days. I'd hate to be depending on them to actually deliver something I didn't have a backup for. I really, really need this to be done. It has just about exhausted my attention span.
Tags: effing appliances

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