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On the 29th of September we took our first look at a 2005 Honda Odyssey. It was in fairly good shape, drove okay, our mechanic friend didn't have any areas of concern with the vehicle. We took it for a second drive the following Sunday and made the owners an offer. They rejected the offer and decided to look at trading in two of their vehicles and downsizing. We were good with this, and decided to continue our low-key search, setting up several appointments to look at Vibe/Matrix's last weekend.

I guess the car hunt wasn't going that well for the couple with the van, because before our appointments last weekend they decided to accept our offer - two weeks after rejecting it. Several cancelled appointments later, and they are delivering the van tomorrow. We now have two vehicles that can take V's carseat. I can't wait to go for a drive with V and the two dogs!

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