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They have got to be joking.

Got an email last night from a group that took some pics of the last race I was in. Thought it would be kinda cool to have a look, see where they caught me, get a photo at the finish line. Turns out they have two of me, both from around the finish line. Clicking on a pic brings up this marvy list:

Image hosted by

Give me a break! $93 for 8 photos? (That's still $75 USD!) $43 for a digital? Pass.

Decided to check out the other peeps I was running with, see where they were found on the course. Only person with other pics is the chick with the baby jogger - she has at least seven pics. The 5 of us were running together, and they only managed to capture her. Guess we know who they figure would make a better customer. I mean what kind of horrible person would not spend $1000s on pics of their baby in the race? The trauma that would cause their child!
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