neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Sleep and knitting

That is what this past weekend was all about. And I did plenty of both. The knitwits headed to Glen House in Gananoque for the annual Needler's Retreat. I had originally intended on bringing miss V, but hubby decided that I needed time away from my non-weaned, non-bottle-taking, barely sleeping baby. Yes, I too thought he lost his marbles, but I really didn't want to argue too much in case he decided I was right. And really, after V waking up at 2:30 both Thursday and Friday morning, thinking it was time to be up, I was ready for a full night's sleep (or two!).

I'm happy to report we all survived, hubby was a bit tired, V was a bit hungry (but took several small bottles), the animals were a bit out of sorts and I was a bit rested. Hubby loved the time with her, and I loved coming back to them.

I'm so ready to start knitting again. One class in particular, by Lucy Neatby, was completely packed with 'ah-ha!' moments and has given me great ideas for modifying some sock patterns and a couple of longies that I'm working on. I don't know how those knitters do the things they do, but I'm glad they do because I don't have to think them up. If I were a creative force in knitting I think we'd all still be knitting garterstitch scarves.

As an extra special treat, Sunday knit V went to bed like a dream and slept from 8 until 5am. Let's see if it's a trend. Maybe I'll get more knitting in if it is.
Tags: knitting, knitwits, vc

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