neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Wanna buy a fridge?

Hubby and I are doing some preemptive fridge shopping. On the 12th the service guy told me that the door for the freezer wasn't here yet, but it was in Montreal. Clearly there has been some mix-up because the same guy called me today to cancel the installation this Wednesday as the parts haven't been shipped from Mexico yet. This is not progress.

To further piss me off, the service department is now denying that they ever told me the door was in Montreal. I guess I just knew that they had a service depot there, and that these parts should go there.

Hubby managed to track down the sales manager today, and we've arranged to get a new fridge delivered Saturday. Any bets on the condition this one arrives in? Any bets on when I snap? To help make this experience as pleasant as possible, they aren't confirming the delivery time to anyting narrower than 8-6. Handy that.
Tags: effing appliances

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