neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

There's one in every crowd

Thanks to my sister and mother I attended my first Sens game of the season tonight. It wasn't the greatest game I'd ever seen, but they won (a rarity these days) and they arena put on a great show between the second and third periods.

Oh wait, that wasn't a show, some clown in the section next to us just decided that it was cooler to walk down the seats rather than using the stairs. And he was right, it was cool, up until the point where he tripped and foop! popped right over the railing and fell to the level below.

The guy behind me who saw it all going down reported that he thought the guy could have grabbed the railing if he'd wanted to let go of his beer. I guess we know where his priorities lay.

Don't you hate it when you're just sitting there, trying to enjoy the on-ice entertainment and some jackass spills his beer all over you? From now on I'll count myself lucky that he didn't drop 15 feet onto my head and concuss me too. *g*

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