neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Oh! I don't think I posted this. Hubby's leave has been approved, so he'll be staying home with V next year. I can't imagine the trouble they'll get up to together, since they already have a riot. I also can't imagine just how tight they're going to become. It's kinda unfair when I think about it, he gets the really good year to stay home *g*.

I, in the meantime, am having some sort of sloth reaction to having to go back to work. The past two weeks I've been in pajama pants as much as possible. For the past year I've been managing to get myself dressed, but now I'm in denial about having to go back with no clothes that fit, so I protest. Luckily hubby decided that he needed to stop my whining somehow so we did some clothes shopping Saturday night. One of the local stores was having an after hours sale, with everything being an extra 20% off - music to my ears. While it's not yet a full wardrobe, I now have a couple of tops that aren't nursing tops, and pants that fit, and that actually belong to me. Up until now I've been surviving with my sister's pants, but she's going to need them back soon.

Clothes whining aside, it was nice to finally get a real paycheque again. My mat leave ended the end of November, I'm now officially on vacation until the new year, so they started paying me again. Just in time for Christmas too, looks like we can have a turkey after all this year!


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