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In the middle of December I started writing a post about how little time I had left to my mat leave. I never seemed to get around to finishing it, call it denial if you want, but I kept adjusting the countdown of remaining days. Well, Christmas has passed, New Year's has passed, and I've been back to work for a week now. Time sure does fly at this time of year!

Christmas was great all around, not too much stress, lots of good food, V was adorable, and totally spoiled, not much else to write about it. Speaking of being spoiled, hubby turned 40 this year, so I decided to get him 40 gifts. Note to anyone that thinks this is a fun idea - it's a lot of wrapping!

Right after Christmas there was that little World Juniors Hockey Tournament that Ottawa hosted this year. Thanks to my very persuasive sister, we had 4 tickets to over half the games, and Monday night was the topper of them all, as we got to watch Canada win the tourney for the 5th year in a row. Woohoo! It was crazy exciting. Boxing Day, the first day of the tourney, was also the first time hubby and I have been out without Victoria. And we all survived. Not only did we survive, but we repeated the experience several more times. I have a few more dates lined up too! Now here's to hoping that I'm not too exhausted to go out. This getting up and sitting in traffic and going in to the office is tiring. Not only is it tiring, it isn't something I've had to do for at least two years as I mainly worked at home throughout my pregnancy.

I'm at a new office this year, I'll be helping the IT team of our latest (huge) acquisition move their Ottawa lab servers, networks and workstations into our security model. The scope of this work is pretty mind-boggling. We've become six times larger and the 5th largest lab our company has, basically over night. It's interesting and exciting and full of opportunity and a tonne of work all at once.

Hubby seems to be enjoying his time with V too. I know they've got lots of stuff cooked up, and to help me transition he set up a webcam so I can check in and see how she's doing during the day. It's pretty cute to bring up the window and see her crashed out on her little Dora couch. Speaking of crashing, I'm out!

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